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Our Craftsmanship 

The initial concept and design is the first step in every new creation.
A collection of Sketches and Ideas are prepared by Kattouf's Designers and passed on for development.


A team of engineers and modelers develop the sketches and the ideas into 3D design sheets and proceed with the technical details of the manufacturing process.


15 - 20% of the over all jewellery production at Kattouf is still completely handmade using ancient and traditional manufacturing methods.


WAX injection is a mass production solution which allows Kattouf's Manufacturing Division to answer the growing needs of our dear customers.


By using the latest and most advanced equipment - such as the optical microscope. Each stone is set in its particular place with maximal percission ensuring long term stability and sparkle.


Kattouf’s production standards requires high end finishing process,
Lots of care is taken while we work on your pieces.


We go by European standards. We master the latest techniques, we use high end tools and original replacement parts only in order to ensure a luxurious service for our dear customers.


We apply a very stringent quality control charter for each product. This applies to each step in the production process, with rigorous monitoring to optimize production and meet deadlines.

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