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Maintenance & Product Care


Beautiful jewellery can turn into a lovely family treasure after a very long time, but this can happen on the occasion that it is given proper care. The surface of gold, platinum and silver gems can end up noticeably dulled because of dirt particles, dust and everyday use which contribute to hiding the brightness of gemstones. Good jewellery will begin to show rough corroded surfaces that may bring about the complete damage of stone or a whole jewellery. 

It is recommended that jewellery should get professional cleaning as regularly as once per year. We encourage you to bring your Kattouf jewellery back to us for proficient overhauling. Our staff is learned and experienced in all parts of jewellery maintenance, including cleaning gemstones, restringing pearls and repairing fastens and hoop backs. 


Gold is one of the most precious metals to possess; keeping them safe and clean requires appropriate packaging and methods.

  • In gold jewellery maintenance, it is not advised to take gold gems near domestic bleach, because the gold color will rapidly wash off and eventually break away.

  • Most gold gems can be re-touched and polished using special cleaners. It is best to always inspect your gold jewellery routinely to ensure settings are proper and fasten and joinings are secure.

  • Jewellery storage and packaging is really important for proper lasting results. At the point of purchase, all Kattouf jewellery is wrapped in a protective box, case or stain safe pocket. During use, we suggest that you put it back in its unique case or another reasonably lined box or pocket.


Certain essential jewellery safety measures ought to be followed while dealing with all kinds of jewellery. In any case, few gemstones, as pointed out in this segment, require unique care.

  • Carefully shield your jewellery from bruising against hard surfaces and keep away from contact with rough surfaces. Indeed, even a diamond can chip off if it hit with enough power or at simply the correct point. Many stones, for example, Amethyst, Emerald, Kunzite, Opal, Pearl, Peridot, Tanzanite and Tourmaline are extremely sensitive and easily scraped. Enamel can likewise chip or scratch when struck. Gemstones can scratch different gemstones and wear away at valuable metals.

  • Keep gemstones in separate packets or pouches.

  • Avoid very high or too low temperatures, scents, makeup, ultrasonic cleaning and domestic chemicals that can likewise harm gems.

  • To clean diamond stones, mix a gentle composition of water and ammonia with the volume ratio of 6:1 respectively and apply with a delicate bristle brush.

  • In cases of frequent use, pearls ought to be cleaned and restrung by an expert once every year; but while cleaning personally, wipe pearls tenderly with a lightly wet material.


When you spend your well-deserved money on a watch, you need it to keep going for a long time to come. Watches adorn our appearances while helping us keep time. So, notwithstanding the sort of watch you possess, you have to take great care of it rightly. Giving adequate attention to maintenance will keep the precision and appearance of your watch.

  • Water is a serious hazard for most watch owners. A watch that is not waterproof or possibly water resistant has to be completely kept far from water to prevent your watch from rust and damage.

  • If water wets your watch, you may find condenses; search for water maintenance steps in your direction manual and look after the producers' instructions with respect to water problems.

  • Abstain from forgetting your watch in extreme heat or cold. Extreme heat will reduce the life expectancy of the battery. Extraordinary cold may make the watch lose time. You also have to avoid solvents, chemicals, and gasses which may result in discoloration and deterioration.

  • Avoid allowing your watch to drop or have any kind of impact. They are made to wear on your wrist and will normally get some wear and tear.

  • Try not to bring your watch too close to electric power or magnets, but all household electronics are alright to be close.

  • Your watch may show signs of being corroded if worn in salt water.

  • Take it to an expert for repairs whenever your watch is damaged.

  • Send your watch for professional cleaning only.

Read and follow the producer maintenance guide for service and repair.

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